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NIKAREON Cover final.jpg
An Arena Short Story

Don't look back.


Live, lust, and lead but never, ever look back.

Nikareon has spent his life running away from the day his father died. It would haunt him still if he let it. Fortunately, he has no time for nightmares and even less for ghosts. When life isn't busy it's hectic. Trying to hold onto everything he has is the perfect excuse for forgetting everyone he lost.

But Nikareon is haunted and those ghosts from his past will never leave him.

The only way he can find peace is to break free from the lies he's hiding behind, but sometimes lies are the only thing holding you together.

Is this wolf-in-wolf's-clothing as brave as everyone thinks, or will fear stunt him for the rest of his life?

Read this origin story to find out what turned Nikareon into the Beserk he is in the Iron Altar Series.

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