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The Iron Altar Series Book 2

Amber Grace has spent countless lives preparing for battle, but her time has finally run out. She’s mortal now and can only hope that her enemy is close. That when the monster comes to devour them all, she’ll still be alive and able to offer herself instead.

All Amber has to do is keep herself safe, but one thing the Universe never guarantees is safety. Forced from hiding and trapped on the Rim with the criminal scum of every interstellar species, Amber finds herself truly living in a way she hasn’t for millennia. Suddenly her choices are more than equations and the potential of billions killed must be balanced against protecting the people close to her.

When the ice takes your friends and then comes for you, what do you do?

Reading the second book of this trilogy was spellbinding. The author crafted a convoluted plot that was so entertaining I just couldn't stop reading! The ice plague was an ingenious stroke, and the tale of Amber was revealed much more fully. She becomes a sad, but sympathetic character who unthinkingly created a new chaos, to compete with the Devourer. We also learn who/what the Devourer is and how Amber became the catalyst to defeat him. The surprise of who the new emperor is took me totally and delightfully by surprise. - Amazon reader, October 13, 2014

I liked the first book - I loved the second book. Frostbite continues the story of Iceflight in the second generation, while continuing to follow the original characters. The authors pulled off something which is very difficult to do. The new generation is just as interesting as their parents. At the same time, the original characters continue to have new and exciting developments of their own. - Amazon reader, April 2, 2016

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