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The Iron Altar Series Book 3

One Altar. Two victims. Countless webs

Amber Grace’s genocidal husband is still obsessed with her.

His constant presents are creepy and she hates his stalking, but it’s his spider collection that really bugs her. Amber can’t turn around without tripping over a web and her thoughts seem to be as tangled as her body.

She knows she has less than a year left to plan how to kill herself, but it’s hard to get motivated. The choice is simple - her life to save everyone else. It’s the right choice … the only choice. Amber just has to commit to it.

The Iron Altar is waiting for blood.

Another great installment in the Iron Altar series. Great series! Recommend highly! - Amazon reader, May 24, 2016

I really like this book. I can't wait for the next one that talks about Nightwing and his mate. Love how the author writes. You'll enjoy it! - Amazon reader, December 8. 2016.

....wholly absorbing, mostly with intense non-stop action ranging from hand-to-hand struggles to world-on-world anilation space warfare. Even in the few non-combat scenes, political and emotional conflicts portend of violence that must ensue. Having started with this third book, I initially found myself deducing the back stories for many of the conflicts that propagate into this book from the first two. As I came to know the characters, this minor distraction faded as my attention focused on the edge-of-the-seat action. I highly recommend this book... - Amazon reader, June 24, 2016.

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