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Paravane is a strange place to live - whichever way you look at it.

It's a composite world, made from cobbling together the surviving halves of Archeron and Everlore. These worlds existed in different realms, one a place of magic and the other plain matter, until a Rift in space and time swept them together. Now the ruined hemispheres are called Overarch and Evermore. Only a massive wheel, made of kristylium composite and infused with raw magic, holds the Rift in place. This feat of engineering and wizardry was a last gift to the future from two dying peoples. Their energy fields and charmed shields faded away, letting their suns collide to irradiate their patched-up world. Eons passed and the radiation lessened until plants, animals, and finally, people caught in the Rift could survive. New civilizations grew to replace the old and life flourished again.

But the Rift carries its own cost and that price will be far greater than anyone imagines ...

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