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The Arena Book Two

Please note: this Look Inside is a sample only, not the full text.

Some loves won't be denied...

Haze has a perfect life. It's full of adventure and shared by Silk, his deliciously imperfect wife. They've yet to meet a challenge they can't beat - together.

When they discover the Harvesters are tormenting their clones it's the perfect excuse for a romantic getaway. The location in Dead Space is as exotic as it gets and their enemies don't even know they're coming. What could go wrong?

The Harvesters have spent the last five years perfecting their ability to hurt Haze and Silk. There's nothing they won't do in the name of entertainment - at least to other people. The couple will have to fight to free their clones and the only thing that's guaranteed?

The Arena is always open for business.

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